Sunday, February 2, 2020

Let get going!!!

It was a huge jump to even start this page and it kind of happened by accident as I needed the web address to something I was working on. I figured once I had it though let's do something with it. As promised a couple months ago when I first launched this page I wanted to share my story. It is long so I will paraphrase at this time and likely come back to more detailed pieces as this progresses. Also, I am a huge Star Wars nerd so if there are some references that seem out of place, please know they are probably from one of the eleven Star Wars movies that now exist.

My wife and I were married back in 2012 shortly after graduating from college. We both knew we wanted to have a family so she went off birth control immediately as we knew from some preexisting conditions it would likely take a little while to get our bodies in sync to actually make things happen. After about three years of nothing happening, we saw our first fertility specialist, then after about another year we saw another, and by the middle of 2018, we had been through three fertility specialists at two different clinics. It took us all these visits to finally decide to start doing fertility treatments and that story has been fast, hard, and painful. So since October of 2018, we have had.......

1. Three failed IUIs, all consecutive
2. One late-term miscarriage (14+ weeks)
3. A second miscarriage (6 weeks)
4. Just this week a chemical pregnancy (very early term miscarriage)

As you can see, we have been busy not making a lot of progress for the last 15 months.

For anyone going through a journey with all or any of these experiences, I am so sorry you have to feel the pain that comes with it. If you are a person of faith I pray that you find some comfort in your community, the Word, and in prayer. For those of you that are not a follower of Jesus, I hope my experience and word can help you to know you are not alone in this journey and there are always people to share with, to love, to mourn with, and to comfort or vent.

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