Monday, May 4, 2020

COVID-19 the Ultimate Delayer

Thanks COVID, I am writing this from my kitchen counter instead of from a beach in Mexico, having not started the adoption classes that we were originally meant to be halfway through. While I am very thankful for many things in my life, i.e. still having a job, being able to even pursue adoption, etc, I still want to vent a bit. This past year has shown me that no matter how well you plan, those plans can very easily be tossed in the trash. The plan as of a couple months ago was to complete our home study, classes, and be an official waiting family as of May 8th. Then Covid came along and those plans went right down the crapper, as follows:
  1. Background checks still not completed 6 weeks later because of government delays
  2. Class rescheduled twice, the current timeframe is completion by the second week of June
  3. Entering the pool????????
Ok, that felt good now in the words of Monty Python "GET ON WITH IT". I could dwell on the negative here and kind of want to but what good does that do anyone so let us look at some of the positive aspects. Anyone who has researched or gone down this road knows that it is very expensive and can take quite a while. Below are the major great things I want to touch on:
  1. We have secured all the funding needed to complete the adoption!!!!!!
  2. Our home study will be completed as of TODAY!!!!!!!
  3. Due to the delays, we are able to do in-person classes, which is awesome!!!!
This whole part of the process has humbled me quite a bit and in a very good way. It is making me realize that there is power in planning but ultimately we have very little control over most things. If we don't have control then we have to have faith and trust. Who do I have faith and trust in? God is building something beautiful for my current and future family. 

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