Thursday, December 10, 2020

Long time no post

It has been almost two months since posting and this one will likely be fairly short. No news is boring news. Our agency has seen no movement since the crazy couple of weeks in October and we are just waiting like hundreds of other families across the country and across the world to be matched and meet our future child.

When we first started waiting I thought to myself how can I ever fall back into normal daily routines knowing we could get a call and be parents any day. That is like asking a husband to act like nothing is happening when his wife is due with a baby within hours. Well, I must say it took almost six months of waiting but I have settled into life as normal again. Things look a little different, we are still buying things here and there for the nursery and building up our baby war chest. People are not going to be too happy when they want to buy stuff off our registry and we already have it all. I still don't use the sleep awake option on my phone as it silences my notifications and by golly, I'm not going to miss that phone call when it comes. 

I am very blessed and grateful for the life I have but it is hard to buy another ornament this year with just two people on it. When will the year come that we have three to go on that ornament, or four, or five?   

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