Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Baby 911!!!

While we did not get placed this last month it has had some exciting moments. We had what we call a Baby 911 moment for the first time. This is the code my wife and I use to get the others attention and it goes like this. 
1. One of us gets a call, email, text, or smoke signal that there is a potential birth mother and we have some kind of action to take.
2. That person texts the other one “Baby 911”
3. That person then immediately calls the other one excited and blabbering in a way that the other person cannot understand.

A couple weeks ago our agency had a hospital call, or stork drop as some call them, regarding a birth mother who was thinking about placing. They emailed the entire waiting pool regardless of couple preferences due to the immediate need for information on who wanted to be shown. The placement was a healthy baby boy but with high legal risks for many reasons. My wife saw email before me, Baby 911d me and we put our hat in the ring that evening, knowing we wouldn’t hear anything till the next day. I was on pins and needles all morning and even had to tell my boss what was going on after snapping at him a couple of times for no good reason, as a side note he is extremely supportive of our adoption plan and completely understood.

 Needless to say we were not picked but it did make things very real all the sudden. You can academically know that the day is going to come but there is nothing like being thrust into a situation where you may be a parent the very next day to drive it home. The excitement was amazing and I know one of these days that call will be for our child. One of these days God will point that birth mother to us. One of these days I will become a dad. 

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